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Appearance Edit

Bonnet is a pink rabbit who appears to have no legs. It is believed she is like Bon Bon , and was a hand puppet at one time. She has green eyes, red cheeks, and a red bowtie. Her mouth, stomach, and paws are all a lighter pink. She also has a black dot on her chest.

Mechanics Edit

In custom night, Bonnet walks along your screen. In order to prevent her from jump scaring you, you have to boop her nose before she reaches the end of the screen.

Trivia Edit

  • Bonnet is one of the few characters in SL's custom night that isn't in the main nights. Others being Yendo, Lolbit, and Electrobab.
  • Bonnet is considered the "sister" of Bon Bon.
  • Bonnet's animation is her floating across the room, while her arms move back and fourth.

Gallery Edit

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