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Appearance Edit

Minireenas have a tall, slender appearance. Their whole body is tan except for their head, which is white. Their skirt is white aswell as their feet. They do have pupils, but these are only shown in their jumpscare.

Mechanics Edit

In Fnaf: SL, the Minireena appears on night 4 and custom night. During night 4, you have to click on certain spots, while in a suit, to prevent Minireenas from crawling up you and jump scaring you. In custom night, there are 2 forms of Minireena. One travels to the gas pump and cut off your air supply, which means you have to turn it back on. The other has Minireenas slowly cover your screen, blocking your view.

Trivia Edit

  • Minireenas are one of the few mini animatronics in Sister Location.
  • Minireenas are seen with Ballora in the extras menu.
  • You can disable the Minireena types in custom night.
  • Minireenas are normally seen in groups.

Gallery Edit

Minireena Jumpscare
HD Minireena
Minireena Center Crawl