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Appearance Edit

Nightmare Chica is a tall, yellow chicken with a cupcake in it's hand. She has one glowing eye, one red eye, and a torn up bib that says "Let's Eat!". Her knees and feet are orange, and her body is covered with tears. Her cupcake is on a plate and is also torn. She has many rows of teeth and sharp claws.

Mechanics Edit

Nightmare Chica appears on Night 1 and attacks through the rest of the game. She comes from the right hallway. If she doesn't jumpscare you from the right doorway, she sends her cupcake through to kill you.

Trivia Edit

  • Nightmare Chica has a halloween update counterpart called Jack-O-Chica.
  • Her and Nightmare Bonnie are the only animatronics in Fnaf 4 that have jack-o-lantern counterparts.
  • Chica is the only animatronic that doesn't enter your room, since she sends the cupcake instead.

Gallery Edit

Nightmare Chica Jumpscare
Nightmare Chica